STEM/SUMO Robotics Statewide Competition at Nissan Canton April 28, 2018

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2018 STEM/SUMO Robotics Statewide Competition
Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Nissan – Canton, MS

8am – 5pm

3rd – 12th grades

All students welcome. No experience required.

Event Photos are on our Facebook page


Mississippi Robotics is a non-profit organization involved in training youth and teachers in science, technology, math, and engineering through practical hands-on activities. This STEM/SUMO Competition is designed to exercise and measure the students’ ability in several important areas involving skill, critical thinking, and strategy.

As we have done in our last two competitions students will be awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places with STEM Points that can be redeemed at our STEM Store at the end of the competition.

Groups of four or more must sign up to be eligible for the team events. This competition is expected to be limited to 250 students due to facility space.

All applications must include a $10 fee per student and must be paid on-line, by a mailed in check before April 15, 2018, or by a school PO received before April 15, 2018.

All fees are attached to a particular student and are non-refundable. Before April 15th a student can be replaced, after April 15th no additions or changes can be made. Apply early.   Register your team early to secure a spot. Pay by April 15, 2018. School PO’s accepted.

A one-hour break will be taken for lunch. Coaches, please consider bringing sack lunches as local restaurant/fast food services are over one mile from Nissan. Nissan is considering having commercial lunch trucks available.

The competition will consists of seven individual events and four team events.  

SUMO wrestling robots tournament.  Each age category and robot category will compete in a four-on-four or two-on-two tournament style bracket competition until one robot team is left in each category.

  •  Teams shall consists of two students and up to two robots. One of the robots is used for the match. Students may switch driving during the match but not switch robots.
  •  All ground remote-controlled vehicles are allowed. This includes robots and R/C cars or custom vehicles.
  •  Vehicles sizes shall be as follows:

         3rd – 5th  16″ x 16″ x 16″ maximum
          6th – 8th  (small robot) 16″ x 16″ x 16″ maximum
          6th – 8th (large robot) 20″ x 20″ x 20″ maximum
          9th – 12th  (small robot) 16″ x 16″ x 16″ maximum
          9th – 12th (large robot) 20″ x 20″ x 20″ maximum
          3rd-12th R/C cars will be sized by small (< 14″) or large (>= 14″)

          All robots can expand after the match starts.

  • Based on age group and robot size the play fields are 3rd-5th (6′ x 6′), 6th-8th (10′ x 10′), or 9th-12th (12′ x 12′).
  • Vehicles cannot have any sharp edges and no added excessive weight. They can have duct tape, wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, etc as part of the robot build structure.
  • Sumo rules: Robots start by driving in the opposite direction near the center of the mat.  30 points is earned when your opponent is disabled (up to 10 sec). 20 points when your opponent is pushed off the mat (any robot part touching off the mat). Each lost part assembly (one or more parts together) is minus 5 points. Each robot has two corner blocks on diagonal corners.  Each block can only be pushed entirely off the mat only one time. It is not replaced. 10 points for the first block and 20 points for the second block. Play stops (but not time) and robots are restarted near the middle of the mat after each scored points. Points cannot be earned in a row without a restart. Time will be stopped for lost bluetooth. Play will continue for all lost parts and dead battery.  Judge will remove all lost parts from mat as soon as possible. In case of a tie a one minute sudden death match will be played (first to score wins).

Six other individual events

  1. Tool ID. Participants will have five minutes to identify up to 25 basic hand tools.
  2. Math (required). Each grade group will have 10 minutes to work as many as 20 grade level math problems. Math is a required event to earn any STEM points.
  3. Science. Participants will watch one or two cool science experiment(s) and answer 20 total questions.
  4. Mystery Event.  Participants will compete in the same teams of two as in SUMO. The teams will have two minutes to push various objects outside a circle. Each object type will have a different point value. Team participants will change drivers at the one minute mark. 4-8-18
  5. College Info. College representatives will answer questions for points. Ten points to participate.
  6. Inventor ID.  Participants will have 10 minutes to match up the Name or Face with an invention from 18th century inventors (1700’s). Inventor Name/Face and invention photos/images will be provided. Here are four links that would help in learning about 18th century inventors and inventions.  Link1  Link2  Link3  Link4

Four team events.

Each school/organization can have one team of four for each event (Two teams for Chess based on grade). Each team consists of mixed age groups. Team members can participaate on more than one team event as long as all team members participate.  The Chess event (10:30-11am) and Bike event (1:30-2:30pm) will be one hour each and will not be at the same time. The Programmable Maze and Troubleshooting event will be ten minutes and the teams will have from 9:30am to Noon to complete the event. 4-8-18

  1. Bike Tear-Down and Build. Teams of four will have one hour to tear down and rebuilt a designated bicycle. The required bicycle must be a 20″ boys or girls bike with two hand brakes, a kick stand, and a single-gear rear chain drive. No derailer.  Examples from WalMart are HERE.  It is highly recommended each team have the bike donated by a local business and after the competition to donate the bike to a children’s charity. The typical cost of the bike has been $60-$90.
  2. Chess. Participants will play a competitive chess activity for points. Individual scores are kept and added together for all team members. 1st-4th place by team will be awarded. Chess rules are HERE.
  3. Programmable Maze. Participants will have 10 minutes to program and run their autonomous robot (no driver control) through a simple Maze consisting of two turns, a semi-circle and several straight sections. The basic shape of the Maze will be given but not the exact dimensions (CLICK HERE).  The Maze surface will be white with a 1″center black line the robot can optionally follow or the robot can be programmed to follow the shape of the maze. Maze path borders will be a black line. Each team will be given 2 minutes to setup before the 10 minute time starts. Each team member should have an assigned duty. Teams provide everything necessary to program, download, and run their robot autonomously (robot, laptop, software, cords and wire. An electrical outlet will be available.  Teams need to program ahead of time the basic program structure and adjust parameters when the 10 minutes starts. Teams can run the Maze as many times they can within the 10 minutes.  Once a robot starts into the Maze it will be allowed to finish that run even if time runs out. There will be lines to determine how many points a team will get based on how much of the Maze was completed within 10 minutes on the best run.
  4. Troubleshooting.  The Nissan Training Center staff will conduct a troubleshooting event concerning a flashlight. Coaches are highly encouraged to teach their students everything about a flashlight and how it works and what happens when it does not work. Teams of four will have ten minutes to complete the event. 4-8-18

Any of the above events may change as necessary for the competition.

Make your payments in bulk (for more than one student). You will be sent a Student Registration Spreadsheet to complete before April 15th.


On-Line Registration. Please pay using the PayPal button. All payments are non-refundable. Proceed to fill out the Student Registration Form.

Student Registration Form

Coach/Director/Parent First & Last Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Organization (required)

Number of Students in the 3rd-5th Grade

Number of Students in the 6th-8th Grade

Number of Students in the 9th-12th Grade

Very Important: If you do not receive a confirmation email please send an email to:


Nov 4, 2017 Statewide “Survival” Competition

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Survival STEM/Robotics

Statewide Competition

November 4, 2017

Woodville, MS

… Total participants limited to 150 (NOTE:  10-12-17. We have reached our limit for this competition.  Our next competition will be in April at Nissan in Canton, MS.  If you want to be on a first notify list for that competition please fill out the form below.)
… Grades 3rd – 12th
… 7 individual events (various events in bridge crossing, tunnel driving, puzzles, math, science) 8:30am-Noon
… 3 team events (optional events, four members from each team for each team event) 1:30pm-2:30pm

1. take apart/reassemble a bicycle
2. robot building and driving
3. chess match

… Students participate in teams of two for individual events and in teams of four for team events. Each organization/school can have only one team event team per age category)
… Organizations/Schools/Family Units MUST register at least four students minimum.
… There is no student or organization fee to participate.

Please register below to reserve a spot for your team and students. More event detail will be emailed to those that are signed up. Preliminary signups will close Oct 14, 2017 or when we reach 150. We will keep a short wait list in case early signups drop out. Final registrations will be due by Oct 28, 2017.

If you need to change your numbers after sending then just resubmit.

Coach/Director/Parent First & Last Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Organization & City (required)

If you do not receive a confirmation email please send an email to:

2017 SUMO Competition May 6th

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Registration for the STEM/Robotics Competition on May 6th is now closed. If you have pre-registered and have not heard from us please send an email to:

On May 6, 2017 STEM Advancement Inc, dba Mississippi Robotics, will sponsor the largest STEM/Robotics Competition in Mississippi. This event will be hosted by Nissan America in Canton, MS at the Nissan Training Center.

Mississippi Robotics trains 3rd – 12th grade students in science, technology, engineering, and math primarily in rural Mississippi.  Twice a year (Spring and Fall) they sponsor a statewide competition.  All 3rd – 12th grade students are welcome to this event.  You can view photos from the 2016 event here.  Students will compete in ten (10) STEM events of which five (5) are robotic related. Other events are related to other STEM subjects.  One Mystery Event will be revealed only when the students arrive.
Click on the event flyer to download a full-size pdf.  A $10 lunch per person will be available for purchase during on-line registration at the end of March.

Participants will compete for time or points in each event and will earn “STEM Points Coupons” that they can redeem for prizes.




The Registration Fee is FREE, however, space is limited and a large # of participants are expected.  Register early to guarantee a spot in the competition. Early registration is by age group and there is no commitment. It helps us plan for the # of participants. Final Registration will begin near the end of March. New registration will close April 1, 2017.


Early Registration Below.


Please be prepared to register your exact # of students by name and a photo of their robot by the end of March.

There will be a SUMO  Workshop on April 1, 2017. The SUMO Workshop is designed to give the participants experience in driving their SUMO robot and to see the other robots. The Workshop will be in Mendenhall, MS and will be from 9am – 3pm.  Lunch will be provided for $10.  Workshop information has been sent to all coaches that pre-registered. If you pre-registered and did not receive Workshop information please email: .  If you wish to pre-register continue below and fill in the form.


RULES SUMMARY (official detailed rules will be available by March 1st)
1. Teams shall consists of two students.

2. All ground vehicles remote-controlled are allowed. This includes robots and R/C cars or custom vehicles.

3. Vehicles sizes shall be as follows:

3rd – 5th  12″ x 12″ x 12″ maximum
6th – 8th  (small robot) 14″ x 14″ x 14″ maximum
6th – 8th (large robot) 18″ x 18″ x 18″ maximum
9th – 12th  (small robot) 14″ x 14″ x 14″ maximum
9th – 12th (large robot) 18″ x 18″ x 18″ maximum
All robots can expand after the match starts.

4. Based on age group and robot size the play fields are 6′ x 6′, 10′ x 10′, or 12′ x 12′.

5. Vehicles cannot have any sharp edges. They can have duct tape, wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.

6. Sumo rules: 30 points when your opponent is disabled. 20 points when your opponent is pushed off the mat. Other points are possible.

7. Math: Each student will do a math problem at the competition using their best math practices.

8. Science: Students will observe four (4) science demonstrations and answer questions on each.

9. Other events:  Fix-It Troubleshooting, Sprint Speed, Obstacle course, etc.


IMPORTANT:  We need about 75 volunteers and helpers for this event. If you are going to be there and/or just want to volunteer to help we can use you. No technical skills are involved. Our volunteer signup website is here.
Thank you to all coaches, parents, students, and helpers.  You are all appreciated.

Survival Day is Coming to Mississippi ~ Join Now

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