MakerSpace Lab Registration

MakerSpace Lab is the afterschool time in Wilkinson County for 4th-12th grade students that want to participate in learning and making STEM projects. The projects are controlled by the MakerSpace Lab leaders and are selected based on the skills, experience, and certified level of each student. Currently, the MakerSpace Lab is open on Monday’s from 3pm-5:30pm.

Students that are registered on competition teams may work on the competition vehicle/robot/project during the MakerSpace Lab time.

We take school academic grades very seriously. All students must meet the grades requirement of A or B in math and science and no D or F on their last grade report or progress report. Students that attend that do not meet this requirement will be asked to work on their homework and will be charged. Only their teacher can certify that their grades are meeting the requirement.

Each student will be logged in and out and time will be recorded in 30 minute increments. The MakerSpace Lab fee is $5 an hour and each student MUST have enough credit for the time. Students without enough credit will not be allowed to participate. Students not attending will not be charged.

I would like for your initial (first) payment (credit amount) to be over $60 or more. The first time please buy 3 x $20 = $60 or more. This will greatly reduce my administration time as I cannot notify each of you individually as to your balance. Within a few months I plan to have your balance within a member area that you log into. Of course, you can always email me at: raymholt [at] or text me at: [405] [596][0292]. Just give me your student name and ask for the balance.

Liability and Photo Release. I will need to have these forms filled out by the first day your student attends.
MakerSpace Application
Liability Waiver and Photo Release
Please download, complete, and send them with your student.

Make your payment below. Fill in your student name.

Student Name

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