Mississippi Robotics / Stem AdvancementSTEM Conference ~ Jan 2017 - Mississippi Robotics / Stem Advancement - STEM Conference ~ Jan 2017

STEM Conference ~ Jan 2017

Mississippi Robotics and the STEM/Teachers & Industry Trainers Consortium will be sponsoring a STEM Teachers Conference on Jan 20th Noon-6pm – 21st 8am-6pm, 2017. This Conference will be hosted by the Nissan Training Center in Canton, MS.  Lunch on Saturday will be provided to all attendees by Nissan.  Download the 2017 STEM Conference Flyer and Register for the Conference below.

Attendance will be limited.  Register early.

The Conference is designed to encourage and support all STEM activity in the state of Mississippi. Breakout sessions will highlight some of the equipment and work in STEM, a group discussion will continue our development of ’employable skills’ as a goal in STEM teaching. A special Creative Engineering Workshop will be taught by Mr Darold Cummings, the AIAA Top Aerospace Designer for 2015.  Attendees will also be given the opportunity to tour the Nissan Training Center by its Director, Mr Gino Perkins.

STEM teachers, workers, coaches, mentors, and administrators & Industry teachers and trainers are welcome.

Conference Agenda:  We will send all registered attendees a list of the Breakout Sessions and the Conference Agenda as soon as it is finalized.

Registration Fee:  Adults  $50, College students $25, High School students $25 (high school students must be accompanied by a STEM teacher). School purchase orders will be accepted. Please go ahead and register the names and then email the purchase order to STEMAdvancement@gmail.com .

STEP 1: Registration [IMPORTANT: Some Confirmations are not coming to us.  When you get yours please forward it to:  STEMAdvancement@gmail.com]

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STEM Conference ~ Jan 2017

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