2021 Annual STEM/SUMO Robotics Competition

7th Annual STEM/SUMO Robotics Competition

Location: Jackson, MS area

All students welcome. No experience required.

Mississippi Robotics is a non-profit organization involved in training youth and teachers in science, technology, math, and engineering through practical hands-on activities. This STEM/SUMO Competition is designed to exercise and measure the students’ ability in several important areas involving skill, critical thinking, and strategy.

Join our exciting SUMO tournament and four other events or just do five other events.  This year our events will be Virtual Reality, Drone Flying, Skills/Tool ID, Math, and Science.  If you don’t have a robot for the SUMO tournament you will not need any other equipment. Just come and have fun with the five events!!!

STEM Prizes. 1st-3rd place in each event are awarded STEM Points that can be spent in our STEM Store for very cool science & engineering kits and drones.


COVID-19:  All of our events will comply with the required state mandates for face masks and for social distancing. We will also give individual freedoms where those are suggested. As we get closer to the event we will publish to all attendees the exact procedure we will use.  As of now we will require all teams to be in groups of 10 or less and to move between the events in these groups.  Unless required by state mandate, social distancing within the team groups and their parents will be up to the teams.  We will have social distancing between teams.

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    Right now we can only accept 100 students in each of the below competitions.

    Your Estimated # of students competing in the 3rd-5th competition on Oct 24, 2020

    Your Estimated # of students competing in the 6th-12th competition on Nov 14, 2020

    All students have to compete in the Math, Science, and Skills/Tool ID event in order to earn any awards. If they wish they can also select two more events.
    You will be emailed a spreadsheet to complete with your team members and the events they will compete in. This spreadsheet must be returned by Oct 1st.

    If any of the above information changes please resubmit this form and the latest submission will be accepted.

    Please provide answer before Submitting:

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