2018 STEM Teachers Conference

STEM Teachers/Industry Trainers Conference
Friday, February 9 (12 noon) – Saturday, February 10 (5pm)
Nissan-Canton, MS

Announcing our 3rd annual STEM Teachers/Industry Trainers Conference. The dates will be February 9th-10th. The location will be Nissan – Canton. The conference will be limited to 100 teachers.  The theme will be underwater STEM.  We will start Friday at 12noon and end Saturday at 5pm.

Our guest speakers will be Jill Zande, President, MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II), Associate Director & Competition Coordinator, MATE Center.


and Dr Kevin McKone, Science Department Head at Co-Lin Community College in Wesson, MS.

Jill heads up the International competition for underwater robotics.  She will be teaching three workshops; one Friday afternoon and two on Saturday.  Dr McKone has directed and coached several Co-Lin teams to international awards in underwater robotics.  We are in for a treat with these two experts in this field.

Each workshop will be limited to 20 attendees.  High school and college students can attend.

The conference cost will be $50 plus $25 if you want to attend one of Jill’s Workshops.  As we did last year we will have breakout sessions on a variety of relevant topics. 

We will continue our development of the Employable Skills Set for K-12. Employable Skills are industry recommended skills we need to teach our students.  These skills can be threaded into any STEM-related curriculum.  All attendees will receive a Student Employable Skills Checklist so you can start assessing your students in this area.

Signup now and make payment either on-line or mail in check by January 20, 2018.

Fee:  Adults. $50 + $25 if you are attending an Underwater Robotics Workshop.

Fee:  Students. $25 + $25 if you are attending an Underwater Robotics Workshop.

Register each individual separate.  Make payment before February 1, 2018 to confirm your registration or bring it with you to the conference.

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    Select your preference day to attend the Underwater Robotics Workshop. All three Workshops are identical. If you don't care which one you attend then select more than one and we will put you in the one that is available. When you are not in a Workshop we will have great breakout sessions for you to attend.
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    If you do not receive a confirmation email please send an email to: STEMAdvancement@gmail.com

    Pay using PayPal below or mail a check to:  Mississippi Robotics, PO Box 426, Woodville, MS 39669.
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    2018 STEM Teachers Conference

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