2021 MAIS STEM Competition

This is a special STEM event for MAIS schools only.  Students will participate in six events for STEM points.  One of the events, MAZE Speed Driving, requires some form of remote controlled vehicle. This can be a robot or r/c car. The other events are Math, Science, Puzzle Blocks, Electricity, and Virtual Reality. All events are for individual students. Students placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each event will earn STEM Points that can be redeemed at the STEM Store at the end of the day. The STEM Store will contain science kits, robot kits, drones, etc.  Below is a summary of each event. After lunch we will have a Mystery Event for groups of five students.

MAZE Speed Driving: Each student will drive their remote controlled vehicle, or ours, for speed through a course. The MAZE Playfield will be a figure-8 with a ramp in the middle. They must do the figure-8 two times. Students can start the MAZE in either direction.

MATH: Students will have 15 minutes to complete 20 grade-appropriate math problems. Download the Math Study Guide K-12.

SCIENCE:  Students will be asked 25 grade appropriate science questions or to identify various objects relating to science. Science questions are taken from the MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE- and CAREER-READINESS STANDARDS for SCIENCE (start on page 20). Download the Science Study Guide sheet.

PUZZLE BLOCKS:  Students will have a certain amount of time to arrange a set of 2″ yellow cubes into a box to form a picture.

ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT:  Students will be asked to complete an electric circuit that will turn on a light bulb and start a motor when the switch is turned on.  Students will be given a 6v battery, a switch, a 6v light bulb, a motor, and alligator-clip wires. Students will have two minutes to do this event. 

VIRTUAL REALITY:  Students will play a VR puzzle game very similiar to the above Puzzle Block above, however, this will be in Virtual Reality.

Download the competition flyer HERE.  Register your school below.

♦ Only the MAZE event requires a robot or R/C car. We will have R/C cars for use.

♦ All equipment is supplied for the other events.

♦ Pre-register your school below.

♦ Make your team payment below or issue a PO within two weeks of pre-registration to hold your spot.  Checks can be mailed to:  Mississippi Robotics, PO Box 426, Woodville, MS 39669. Make check payable to:  Mississippi Robotics

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COVID-19:  All of our events will comply with the required state mandates for face masks and for social distancing. We will also give individual freedoms where those are suggested. As we get closer to the event we will publish to all attendees the exact procedure we will use.  As of now we will require all teams to be in groups of 10 or less and to move between the events in these groups.  Unless required by state mandate, social distancing within the team groups and their parents will be up to the teams.  We will have social distancing between teams.

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