2023-24 MAIS

STEM Competition for MAIS schools

Students will participate in five events and one team event at the Regionals & Finals.  All individual events will earn STEM points.  The regional and final dates are here and on the flyer below.

Regionals are scheduled at three locations:

Oct 21, 2023 Lamar Christian School, Pervis MS
Nov 4, 2023 Heritage Academy, Columbus MS
Dec 2, 2023 Deer Creek School, Arcola MS

Finals:  Jan 13, 2024 Hartfield Academy, Flowood

Here are some notes for this year.

  • Schools can attend any regional. Some students can go to one regional and some to another regional, however, each student can only attend one regional. This will give your students three opportunities to attend a regional and avoid other schedule conflicts.
  •  Individual students qualify for the Finals by placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any individual event.
  •  School awards require a minimum of three students in the grade category.
  •  Regional $50 per student, Finals $25 per student. Payment is due two weeks before each event.

Events: The five individual events will be Math, Science demo/questions, Tool ID (moveable tools without a motor), Rockets, Nissan event. More details on each event are below.

MATH: Students will have 15 minutes to complete 20 grade-appropriate math problems. Download the Math Study Guide K-12.

SCIENCE:  Students will be shown three 5-minute science demos.  The general topics demonstrated are fluid mechanics, fluid dynamics, and hydraulics.  The demos will show practical uses of these topics.  After the science demos the students will have 20 demo-related questions and 5 general science questions. These are example topics that will be covered in the demos; water states and pressure, buoyancy, hydraulics, compression, Pascal’s Law, Bernoulli Principle, Coanda effect, boiling, freezing, and more in these areas.

TOOL ID & USAGE:  Students will be given 15 minutes to identify and match a set of 20 tools. These tools will have a movement but will not contain a motor.  Separately each student will be asked to measure the length, width, or height of five objects using various tape measures, rulers, or calipers.  Answers will be required in inches, meters, decimal, or fraction.

ASTRO/SPACE:  This event is sponsored by MS NASA Space Agency. Students in 3rd-8th grade will be asked to launch a foam rocket. The launch will use a rubber band and the distance and accuracy will be measured for points.  Accuracy will be measured by shooting through various size hula-hoops. Each student can shoot ten rockets. 

Students in 9th-12th grades will make a paper airplane. The airplane will include a payload. The payload will be various combinations of coins.  A minimum payload will be required. Points will be earned by having the airplane land in a target zone.  The more payload the more points.

TRIM TRIANGLE:  This event is presented by Nissan-America. This is a simulation of a portion of the auto manufacturing process.  Students will be asked to apply a nut onto a series of fixed bolts using a tool.  There are 10 bolts.  Students will do this event twice for the best time. Here is a photo of the Trim Triangle and here are the rules.

TEAM EVENT: Bicycle Take-A-Part. Each team of 1-5 students (from the same school) will disassemble a bicycle and reassemble it. Each school can make as many teams as they want, however, each team member must be from the same grade category and provide their own new bicycle. Younger students can be in order teams. For example, a 3rd grader may be on a 6th-8th grade team but not the other way around.

The purchased new bicycle should have these specs:  boys or girl, 18″, 20″, or 24″, any color, no training wheels, front and back hand brakes, no derailleur/no gear shifter, direct chain drive, kickstand.  This bicycle should cost between $70-$95.

During the event the bicycle will be de-assembled, inspected, and then re-assembled. The following items will be removed:  both wheels, kickstand, one foot pedal, seat, handlebar completely loose, both hand brakes grippers on the handle bars are to be loosened, the brake calipers need to be removed from the folk. For 3-5th that is all, for 6th-8th the caliper cable must be loosened and the caliper removed from the wheel.  No bearing assemblies will be de-assembled (wheels, fork, peddle). Before the competition remove any accessories, reflectors, horn, lights, front plate, chain guard. Teams must bring their own tools in a toolbox. No adults can help the student teams with their bike.

After each team completes the re-assembly one of the team members must successfully ride the bicycle around the gym inside. After the competition finals we are requesting the bicycle be donated to a child without a bike.

This event earns STEM points for the STEM store but does not count towards the finals.  Students learn to divide the building tasks, organize parts and tools, and to work together.

Download the competition flyer HERE.  Register your school below.

♦ All equipment is supplied for the individual events, except the bicycle(s) for the team event.

♦ Pre-register your school below and you are guaranteed entry if payment is made two weeks before the event. Refunds will only be given up to two weeks before each event. New students can be substituted for dropped paid students up to one week before each event.

♦ Make your team payment below by Paypal or credit/debit card or issue a PO to hold your spot.  Checks can be mailed to:  Mississippi Robotics, 156 Matt Lee Road, Pinola, MS 39149. Make check payable to:  Mississippi Robotics

♦ PLEASE register for each regional separately if you are bringing students to more than one regional.



After registration and prior to two weeks before the regional event please make your payment below. Select how many students you are paying for after clicking on the “Buy Now” button.  Refunds will only be given up to two weeks before each event. New students can be substituted for dropped paid students up to one week before each event.

If you are registering more than eight students you will want to consider our STEM Affiliate Schools program.

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