Donate LEGO Hardware to Mississippi Robotics

Mississippi Robotics is a Mississippi non-profit and a Federal 501-c-3 tax exempt corporation.

We mentor and teach STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) to rural disadvantaged and low income students.  The need for equipment is HUGE. The students cannot afford the price of a kit nor can Mississippi Robotics purchase robot kits for all the students.

PLEASE consider donating your LEGO NXT Brick, battery, charger, Samantha Module, router, motor controllers, servo controllers, power switch and any other hardware you will not be using.  I can use these items in my everyday mentoring and teaching.

Mississippi Robotics can send you an In-Kind Donation Receipt letter so you can use it for any possible tax-deduction purposes.

Please send the hardware to:

Ray Holt
Mississippi Robotics
156 Matt Lee Road
Pinola, MS 39149

Please include your name, company name (if applicable), address, city, st, zip and phone number.


Mississippi Robotics