Recognitions of STEM Advancement Inc & Staff

2022 Ray Holt get interviewed on a F-14 Tomcat podcast

2022 REAL Christian Foundation “Dolphus Weary Lifetime Achievement Service Award” [Facebook]
(Entire video is great. Award starts at 28:50 mins.)

2022 Igniting Students’ STEM Afterburners – a College Board interview

2022 World’s First Military Digital Flight Computer – F-14 “Topgun” Flight Computer

2022 The Accidental Engineer Book: My Story on Designing the World’s First Microprocessor (2nd Edition)

2022-23 STAR Teacher Award – Ray Holt at Wilkinson County Christian Academy

2021-22 STAR Teacher Award – Liz Paten at Wilkinson County Christian Academy

2021 Best Teaching Award – Le Tourneau University Machine Learning Competition

2021 Ray Holt and the CADC – The World’s First Military Digital Flight Computer – EEJournal

2020 – Secret History of the first microprocessor

2020 First Microprocessor – 50th Anniversary of the F-14 Tomcat & Microprocessor

2020 MAIS STEM Robotics Competition – Heritage Academy

2018 Ray Holt and the Origins of the Microchip Computer

2018 Who Invented the Microprocessor

2017 Nissan hosts Mississippi’s largest STEM/Robotics competition at Canton plant

2014 Creator of first microprocessor inspires kids in Mississippi with FTC

2013 Microprocessor Inventor Ray Holt finds New Passion in Teaching

Information Technology (IT) Historical Honor Roll – Computer Scientist – Hardware

Old Computer Museum – Microcomputer Associates Jolt Computer, Super Jolt Computer, SYM-1 Computer

Historical SYM-1 Computer used in the first two Military Robots, Robart I and II 






Mississippi Robotics