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    FAITH & Robotics Workbook Teachers Editionfree download

    Session Topic STEM Skills Value Page
    Session 1 Building A Robot Building your robot Created for a Purpose 7
    Session 2 Wheels & Distance Understanding circle facts An Infinite God 10
    Session 3 Sound Sensor Using sound sensors Listening To the Right Voice 13
    Session 4 Touch (Bumper) Sensor Using touch sensors Connectedness 15
    Session 5 Distance (Ultrasonic) Sensor Using distance sensors Follow the Good Example 17
    Session 6 Maze Course Using touch and distance sensors Encouragement 19
    Session 7 Creating Solutions Solving problems Creating Solutions 22
    Session 8 Obstacle Course Navigating the course Taking Responsibility 24
    Session 9 Light Sensor 1 Detecting blank & white surfaces Boundaries in Life 27
    Session 10 Light Sensor 2 Find & Follow edge of a black line Confidence in God 29
    Session 11 Basic Sumo 1 Find & Push a box outside of ring A Life of Opportunity 32
    Session 12 Sumo Bot 2 Push opponent outside of ring Courage For Life 34


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