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Jefferson Davis Outreach

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building-front1Jefferson Davis Outreach is located in the town of Prentiss, MS. The town of Prentiss is a growing community of over 1,000 citizens and and total housing units of 537. It is located in the Southwestern portion of  Mississippi east of Interstate 55.

There are two public schools, JE Johnson Elementary and Prentiss Senior High School and one private school, Prentiss Christian.  Prentiss is located within 32 miles of the nearest Community College, Co-Lin and 36 miles from  the University of Southern Mississippi. Prentiss High School has a 32.2% drop-out rate. 99% of the students live at poverty level.

pic42Jefferson Davis Outreach is located in the middle of downtown and serves  the entire community as a high quality after-school program. It is one of the bright spots in the county.


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