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New Opportunity. New Coach.

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Hidden talent is only hidden until timing and opportunity meet and come together. I believe God gave us all talents to use for kingdom work. Now, would He then turn and hide them from us? I don’t believe so. Bryant’s story is proof that when these two components come together only God himself knows the outcome. Romans 12:4-8

It was only three months ago when Bryant, a thirty-three-year-old young man who regularly visited the Center for no particular reason — “just hanging out,” as they say—was asked by a member of the Cary Christian Center staff if he would like to help out with the Robotics team. Bryant asked the same question I had asked two years earlier, “What is Robotics?” I explained to him what it was and the reason why we were using it to invest into our children.

That day, timing and opportunity came together for Bryant and he was on board. Clearly none of us knew,
including Bryant, that this amazing talent of working with children and electronics was just beneath his surface. Bryant agreed, and he soon learned that he had been given some “natural” abilities and hidden talents to make a difference in children’s lives.

“I was asked a year and a half ago if I wanted to help out with the team. I didn’t know what robotics was. So when I was asked again, I made a decision to come aboard and help the kids. I’m good with my hands and enjoy building stuff, so here I am. Of course, I like children and I believe I can relate,”
Bryant said.

A month ago Bryant accompanied his small robotics team to participate in the First Annual Rural Mississippi Robotics Competition. His team came in first place, and he is now known as the “coach.”
The three students that participated in the competition are also realizing that they, too, have hidden talents, gifts and untapped interests just beneath their surface. Because of this experience, they are learning and excelling in math, science, technology, and even engineering.

Bryant has never had any formal training in programming, but he is now taking a programming class online. He is now radiant and bursting with energy and a new found purpose for living. He has agreed to be mentored by an electrical engineer to gain more hands on experiences, thereby increasing his capacity so he can use this knowledge to help more children in the field of electronics and robotics.

When time and opportunity came together for Bryant, it provided a definite way for him to give back to
this ministry. As he said, “I’m here now, this is what I want to do.” Bryant’s decision to help others had a positive effect on his own life. His life is back on track now!

How about you? Will you make a decision today to pray for Cary Christian Center? Will you decide today
according to your ability to help financially to support this ministry? Thank you for your prayers and thoughtful consideration and support. With your help we will continue to have a role to play in transforming lives for the Lord’s Kingdom.

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