Y.O.U.C.A.N! 2022-23 Afterschool

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    This school year in the Afterschool Program we will work on multiple activities.

    1. Learn / continue HTML website coding at freecodecamp.org . Your goal is to build your own webpage.

    2. Build and program a robotic arm.

    3. Learn to play chess.

    4. Learn to analysis and solve math word problems.

    #1 FreeCodeCamp.org

    If you have never used this site please go HERE and create an account.

    After logging in to your account click on Menu / Curriculum / Responsive Web Design

    Proceed with each Lesson.

    #2 Robotic Arm

    Build the Robotic Arm

    The robotic arm project involves building a plastic robot arm with servos that allows the arm to move in four directions plus operate a gripper.  The arm servos are controlled by an Arduino microcontroller which will be programmed to move the arm.  After the arm is built and we have tested it with a program then we will program the arm to perform a whole variety of actions.

    1. First you have to build the robotic arm.  Here is a youtube link that will walk you through building the arm.


    Please follow the instructions exactly in order. Verify each step with the video.  Do not skip or go too fast. Reverse the video as often as you have to.

    2. Remove the brown protection paper from each robotic arm part.

    3. The robotic arm kit contains many small parts.  Keep the small parts in a small container or a plastic bag. They are easy to lose.

    4. When you attach each plastic part or servor DO NOT overtighten the screws, you will break the plastic parts. Initially, tighten them only half way.

    4. Expect the robotic arm build to take 4-6 hours.

    Add the Arduino Microcontroller and other Electronics (instruction to be added)

    Download the Python Program and Test the Robotic Arm (instruction to be added)

    #3 Learn to Play Chess

    Chess Kids 20 min

    How to Play Chess for Kids 6 min

    Play against the Computer
    (Play Against the Computer)


    Take Some Lessons on Playing Chess
    (Click on Learn and then watch the Lessons. You will need your parent permission to do the lessons.)


    Chess.org To Play a Friend On-Line
    Click on “Invite a Friend” and then email the friend the link


    #4 Math Word Problems

    Most weeks I will be giving you different kinds of math word problems. When we are on Zoom I will put the problems in the Chat box. You are to send me your answers using the Support form below.  When we are together face-to-face I will put the problems on a white board.  Word problems are to make you think about how to find the solutions using the words and numbers.  Never say “I don’t know how to work it.” Keep thinking until you are able to see how to start.

    Hint:  Math word problems have keywords that give you hints on whether you need to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. Here is a chart that will help you learn the keywords.  You can download the chart HERE.

    #5 Simple STEM Challenge Activity

    August 31, 2022

    The Spinning Coin


    Support Questions & Answers

    If you have any questions or need to send answers please use the form below.

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