Chess Team Competition

The tournament will be set up swiss style, single elimination. This means if you lose a game, you are out.

Grade Groups: It will be comprised of two levels: 3rd-5th and 6th – 12th.

Rounds: There will be three 15-minute rounds each with five minutes for re-setting.

Initial Rounds:  Initially, matches will be selected at random and individuals on the same team may compete against each other

Scoring is as follows:   100 points for a game won during Round 1, 200 points for a game won during Round 2 and 300 points for a game won during Round 3.

For any incomplete game the pieces taken will be tallied; the one with the most points wins the game and moves forward. The piece points are:

Queens are 20

Power (queen, bishop, rook, knight) are 10

Pawns are 2

Matching Opponents: The people who win the game in the least amount of time will be paired in the next round. There will be four team winners from each grade group.

When an individual is eliminated they are free to go or stay and watch silently. Any “help” or anything construed as help by the judges will disqualify the people in question. They will be asked to leave immediately.


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